Tips On Designing Functional Wardrobes

Wardrobes are the most fundamental part of a household and have to be functional, beautiful, and impressive. So, looking into the Wakefit wardrobe it has a very functional and practical design. This does not alter the cost of the wardrobe or the material with which they are made. Installing a presentable wardrobe without being of proper use to the owner is more liability and utter waste of money. The functionality includes storage space and how conveniently the things can be assembled or organised in them. So given below are some of the ideas on how to design a perfectly functional wardrobe:

Functional Wardrobe Designing Ideas

Even the average population can follow the ideas that are stated to create a functional wardrobe at home effortlessly with the proper shelf space, which are:

  • A wardrobe requires drawers and shelves with a long hanging section to accommodate all our things in them. And by deciding on the number of shelves, one can determine and calculate the amount of space required to put away his/her clothes and all the accessories into it.
  • An average person needs at least 18-inch vertical hanging space to hang his/her clothes. After analysing all these basic cupboard ergonomics, one can finalise the effective design with the appropriate shelves and space to carry them.
  • While deciding on the shelves and space, the design has to be planned with a futuristic view of sharing the closet with another person. Accordingly, they have to be created by avoiding crowding and organizing them without mixing the other person’s clothes. At this point, we must all understand that women require more cupboard space than men.
  • A woman usually owns many shoes compared to men, and therefore, they need ample shoe storage area. Therefore, a wardrobe has to be designed accordingly to fit more shoes with a maximum space exclusively functional to accommodate them.
  • The depth of the wardrobe must be designed in a way such that it has 24 inches to hold all the things in it without facing any other hindrances. If it is too deep than this, a person will find it difficult to dig and reach for items, and anything less will be unable to hold the things properly.
  • The storage capacity determines the number of drawers one requires, and if the user has more formal attires and dresses, he/she must create more hanging space, but if he/she has other outfits, more drawers must be opted to place them into them conveniently.
  • The type of wardrobe that is installed is the next important step in determining its purpose and usage. A closet can be either a free-standing one or a built-in wardrobe. The significant advantage of a free-standing cupboard is that one can quickly move it from one place to another. It also becomes easy while moving houses and shifting from one room to the other. At the same time, one can customize a built-in wardrobe if he/she wants it to be permanently placed there and if the persons have invested in their own house.
  • The doors for wardrobes are a hinged door wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe, two door wardrobe, three-door wardrobe, four-door wardrobes with drawers, walk-in closet, swinging door, automatic door, sliding door, swinging door etc. All of these have their advantage and disadvantage. One must first study the pros and cons of all the doors and then conclude with his/her choice. Swinging doors are best for rooms with enough space to walk around and for the pretty big ones. The sliding doors are the significant ones for smaller rooms to save on space. Automatic doors add sophistication to the house.
  • Accessories are another feature that offers maximum usage to everyone. They include hooks, cabinets, mirrors, as they all save room space in helping to put away things. For example, a two door wardrobe with mirror reduces the expense of investing in a standing mirror for a bedroom.

Criteria To Keep In Mind While Designing A Wardrobe

The following aspects discussed below are of minor importance but must be looked into before designing to avoid regretting after investing and installing the wardrobes. They are:

  1. Joinery: Decide whether the joinery has to be made with materials like natural or synthetic materials and light or dark-coloured ones. One should choose the materials they are made based on, which offers a high-end finish and look. Good quality must be termite-resistant, durable, and sturdy enough to withstand weather and temperature conditions. Wooden wardrobes are the most widely used material, but laminates and other acrylics are also a better choice that is affordable than wood. And the colour has to be carefully selected with the ones that blend and go along with the wardrobe. One can do this after making sure that it matches the rest of the room interiors and space.
  1. Wardrobe finish: There are various kinds of finishes available with a two door wardrobe with drawers, and others are again related to its finish. Natural finishes require less maintenance in terms of cleaning and also are usually done with a matte look. These are comparatively more functional than the glossy and shiny options as they only create a fancier appeal. Mirrored wardrobes are very useful as they contribute to the practical purpose of saving space for standing mirrors in any room. The finish, therefore, indirectly contributes to the usage and purpose of a wardrobe.

A wardrobe must be functional and worth the price and should not intend to drill a person’s pocket. All these are determined by various factors mentioned above and a clear understanding of each of them. One should effectively pick a cupboard design that is best for him/her, and similarly, they must opt for the pattern, colour and size. Importantly a wardrobe must be practical, and hence the above content makes sure that a person does not fall for all the false advertisements that are marketed everywhere. This also ensures that the quality and functionality of the wardrobe is not compromised. Finally, it should suit the likes and needs completely.


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