The best and quick Woking skip hire services in your town:

You have seen skips countless times on the streets of your city, but you may still not know exactly what can be deposited in a construction waste container and what is prohibited. Do not worry. To answer any questions you may have, we have prepared this post. Welcome to our blog! We are one of the leaders in Woking skip hire services.

We are dedicated to the rental of construction site containers for debris, and larger or smaller containers for all types of non-hazardous waste and pruning. We have years of experience in the sector guarantee our good work and reputation. We are one of the most important and consolidated skip hiring companies.

Before explaining what we can deposit in a construction waste container, it is important to explain what exactly this element is. It is a metal container with a capacity of different cubic meters and with the capacity to deposit different types of waste in it.

Due to its widespread use in renovations and construction, it is known as a work container and its dimensions are 4×1.75+2.5×1.75×1. Thanks to its compact size it can be placed in a minimum space. In addition, its low height provides us with great comfort when loading it.

Main waste that can be placed in a container of waste of work:

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of Woking skip hire, we can tell you that almost any type of waste can be deposited in these containers. Of course, a very common use is aimed at rubble (concrete, bricks, tiles, plaster, tiles…) and earth.

Thus, any construction waste from construction and demolition can be deposited in a construction waste container, but without mixing it with other types of non-hazardous waste, in order to recycle this construction waste or rubble, and convert it into new construction materials.

On the opposite side, any type of dangerous material such as industrial oils or paints and glues is totally excluded. Finally, organic waste, vegetable remains from pruning, or mattresses, cardboard, wood, plastic, etc., may not be deposited together with the rubble.

In these cases, it will be important to previously inform the type of waste that is going to be placed, since, as you can imagine, each type of waste requires a different recovery and recycling process.

To finish, we would like to point out that a construction waste container can never be overfilled, but its limit will be marked by its height and its level will never be exceeded.

For more information on Woking skip hire, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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