What Are Bollards?

Bollards are small posts placed on the ground to prevent vehicles’ passage or parking in some streets. It is one of the road safety products that we find on many streets in many different cities, so its effectiveness is demonstrated. It is one of the parking curbs.

Bollards Functionalities

The main functionalities of the bollards are the following:

  • Regulate parking areas: they are the perfect elements to prevent vehicles from parking on the sidewalks or in areas of the city where parking or parking is prohibited.
  • Protect pedestrians: it is one of the most popular functions of bollards. With these posts, it is possible to prevent vehicles from voluntarily or involuntarily accessing pedestrian areas.
  • Prevent moon landings: with bollards, you can prevent moon landings, theft techniques that consist of stamping a vehicle against a shop with a shop window.

Types Of Bollards                                                                    

You will find the following types of bollards everywhere: flexible bollards, PVC bollards, bollards for pedestrian crossings, and roundabouts. Here we tell you more details about each of these bollards.

  • Flexible bollards: the flexible bollards offered by companies are bollards made of rubber and are designed to provide security both in roundabouts and in pedestrian crossings, containers, sidewalks, etc. The installation of these bollards is carried out employing a recessed anchor, and they are super resistant: to breakage, temperature, humidity, UV rays, etc.
  • PVC bollard: this type of bollard you can also find at manufacturing companies has been manufactured with high-quality polyethylene. Like the flexible bollard, it is an additional safety product for roundabouts, sidewalks, containers, crosswalks, etc. This type of bollards also withstands the exterior very well, even if found in marine environments or similar.
  • Bollard for pedestrian crossings and roundabouts: Like the previous bollards, these bollards are intended to protect roundabouts and pedestrian areas, among others. They are made of EPDM rubber, a material that is also highly resistant to rain, high temperatures, and wind. This type of bollards comes with different designs: square, round, and in different colors.

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