Useful and important tips to remodel a small bathroom:

We tend to idealize large and attractive spaces in our homes, but that is not always our reality. When you don’t have room to expand or do major renovations it can be frustrating.

That is why we want to share with you, some practical ideas for a small bathroom remodel Frankston.

6 useful tips to remodel a small bathroom and maximize space:

1. Use bathroom organizers:

A simple yet functional organizer is a simple solution to clear clutter in a small bathroom. Remember that no solution is miraculous if you do not follow up frequently. For this reason, we recommend that you regularly classify the objects that you keep in your organizer in order to reduce the elements that you do not use.

2. Take advantage of the space on the walls:

The organizer and the drawers are not the only options to optimize the organization of your bathroom. You can find shelves or bathroom cabinets for all tastes and in different materials, which bring order, functionality, grace, and life to your wall.

When selecting your new hanging organizer for Bathroom remodel Frankston, keep in mind that its size should be proportional to the space where you will place it and the objects that you will store in it. Also, you must remember that if you place it very high you must have a ladder, bench, or stool at hand that does not take up much space.

3. Analyze bathroom lighting:

Lighting is essential when making a major change in your small bathroom. If you have a balance between a strong light, to clarify the vision and warm light to give a cozy and relaxing feeling, you will be able to give more life to your space.

4. Change your sink:

Small bathrooms often have sinks that are not sized according to space and that create a feeling of narrowness.

In Bathroom remodel Frankston, a great alternative is to opt for a corner sink, a compact option that does not protrude much from the bathroom space. You can also consider having a sink with a cabinet included or including a bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door to optimize space.

5. Replace your bathtub:

In Bathroom remodel Frankston, keep in mind that when replacing the bathtub, the space must be properly waterproofed and that any change should never be made on moldy or rotten wood. For these cases, it is best to have a team of professional experts accompanying your remodeling.

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