Types of shelves: Tips to choose for your home!

Bookcases are great allies of the organization in the room and are present in most homes. The simple and functional format allows this furniture to be adapted to any room to meet different needs. As if these possibilities weren’t enough, the piece can still be used as a complement to the decorative project. Do you know the best option among so many types of shelves?

Know the environmental measurements

Before buying bookcase for sale online, take all measurements of the environment that will receive the shelf. To make your work easier, you can write down each distance on a notebook. The information must be taken to the furniture store so that they can guide the choice of the ideal piece. And that you are buying online, see the measurements and dimensions provided online by the seller or manufacturer. Those who like personalized items can be inspired by the designed models.

Evaluate the shape of the types of shelves

Like other furniture, shelves/bookcases have different shapes, textures and configurations. The choice between a traditional model and a more modern one will depend on the look you want to achieve in the environment. If you want to save money and still get a nice piece, the tip is to search the best stores and suppliers.

Rectilinear: The straight-line bookcase is the most common on the market. The model has simple dividers and compartments.

Curved: The curved shape may appear only on the dividers or throughout the entire shelf structure. It is an interesting model to use in corners where walls meet.

Irregular: The irregular-shaped bookcase differs from the traditional one by having mismatched niches. This model is cool because it allows different combinations.

Search for material types

Different types of raw materials are used in the structure and finishing of the shelves, but it is up to you to define which option is most suitable.

Wood: usually worked in laminated MDF or MDP and with a wide variety of colors.

Aluminum: is a light and practical material that features a polished finish on the shelves.

Acrylic: is a material valued for its transparency, but it can have colored versions.

Steel: models made of this material can support up to 100kg on each shelf.

Think about the function of the shelf

If you’ve already decided where to place the bookcase, you should now think about what role it will play in the environment. Depending on the room where it will be installed and the items it will store, the shelf may require a reinforced structure or even fixing it directly on the wall.

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