One of the topmost questions that arise in our minds is whether a spare key is essential. The answer is yes. Every one of us should have spare keys in the house as when the key is mistakenly left with a friend, neighbor, or family member; you should have a set of spare keys.

Having a spare key means if you leave your keys in the office or lose them completely you can easily get access to your property without having to break the lock or damage the door itself. Almost 40% of homeowners admit to losing at least one set of house keys in their lifetime. As a general rule of thumb, the first thing to look for is a set of spares set of keys in the event of losing your main set of a house key.

In case, there are no available sets of spare keys, you need to call a certified locksmith to open the lock of your door, which can become quite a hassle. While most of the homeowners do have spare keys with them but some do not deem it necessary.

Reasons why you need spare keys

Having spare keys is easy, convenient, and inexpensive and saves a lot of time and money. Let us look into the reasons to have a spare key;-

  1. Backup Key

When you lose or break your original key, the spare keys act as backup keys. Sometimes you just cannot find them as it is mixed up with other things in your bag or pocket or you just forgot where you have put them in a hurry.

When you are looking for the key to get into the house it is natural to freak out then spare keys ensures that there is a backup available and helps in keeping things calm and under control.

  1. Prevents Lockouts

From time to time it is natural for lockouts to happen. After a long vacation while returning home you are quite tired and don’t get the keys and are locked out. In this situation, the spare key plays a great role.

Make proper use of the spare key to regain access to your house and then look for the missing keys. In case the key is not available at home, it is always best to change the lock for optimum security.

  1. Avoid Key breaking

Due to general wear and tear and rough usage, keys tend to break over time. You can extend the life of the key by alternating between the main set and the spare house key and last them significantly longer.

Sometimes you even have to face a situation of lockouts when you use broken keys to open the lock. It is good if you keep a check on the health of your key and replace it with new ones that show any sign of damage.

  1. Save time and money

In case of a lockout, a spare key saves a lot of precious time and money. Supposing you need to leave the house in an emergency and main keys is nowhere to be seen. You cannot leave the house and go by keeping your house open and unlocked. This is a serious security risk. Spare keys ensure everything moves on smoothly without wasting much of your time.

Conclusion – Reasons to have a spare key while the original key is still with you will save your time and energy.

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