Top 5 Features of High Quality Kitchen Cabinets

High-quality kitchen cabinets should look attractive and provide functional, easy-to-use storage for at least twenty or thirty years. However, many people have cabinet problems much shorter than this, reporting issues such as sagging, crooked doors, deteriorating drawers, dented and scratched faces, loose hinges, and distortion boxes. These issues occur because of low-quality cabinet construction. Not only do low-quality cabinets cause functional and aesthetic problems for homeowners, but they also make higher-than-expected charges in installation and maintenance. To shop smart and avoid issues down the road, look for the following features of well-built, high-quality cabinets.

Designed According to Your Preferences

Don’t be in a hurry. Let your cabinet maker make a plan for your cabinets. After they are accomplished, plan and hire someone to refine the materials. Take some time to comprehend how your kitchen will be used and figure out where your small devices and utensils can be placed or stored. That will help you understand the best cabinetry that fits your needs.

Back Panels

The back of the cabinet influences its strength. The strongest cabinet is constructed with heavy plywood on the back. If you don’t check carefully, you might have a cabinet with a feeble back panel, making your cabinet drop later on, with everything in or on it.

A solid back panel allows the cabinet to be connected directly to the wall studs every time you want to set it back. There will be no requirement for hanging rails since the strength of plywood is from top to bottom.

Constructed with Quality Material

Complete cabinets’ boxes are usually made in differing sizes and with different materials. However, the materials used can vary according to the manufacturer and price.There has been a discussion on which material is best, but it all depends on the individual. Some materials used are solid wood for the face, plywood, medium-density fibreboard, and particleboard. The materials employed matter a lot because they play a crucial role in durability, longevity, and quality.

Have Soft-close Hinges

Cabinet hinges are vital parts of kitchen cabinets. They will allow you to open and close the doors. Low-quality or poor hinges can cause immobility, become loose, or make uneven doors. On the other hand, soft-close hinges are flexible and reduce the slamming sound of the drawers and doors. So, when you check your cabinet doors, make sure they have soft-close hinges.

Have a Stronger Drawer Construction

Drawers are the most precise solutions to your storage for most things in your kitchen. They are, however, more challenging to construct. They have to be more vital to survive wear and tear. Thus, ensure that your drawers are solid.

Look for those with dovetailed joints and a strong drawer bottom when selecting drawers. Metal ones are more durable, and you won’t stress seeing the bottom fall out. Alternatively, using a metal drawer instead of solid wood or plywood can be an incredible idea.

Final Words

Designing your kitchen is not like walking across the garden. You have to do a lot of research, hire experts and be patient. How you make your decisions will decide whether your cabinets will benefit you for over 20-30 years or you will go back to your wallet after a few years. Find superior quality kitchen cabinets to start.

Jackson Lee

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