Things To Know About The Mother And Child Parking Lot: Who Can Park Here?

Quickly drive past the supermarket in the car to do the shopping for the weekend. The two-year-old and his four-year-old sister are already whining in the back of their seats. But a lot is going on in the parking lot after work, and there is still parking just far away from the entrance to the supermarket. After the shopping is done, the mother tries to maneuver the full bags and the two small children safely back to the car.

Wish-Male A Mother-Child Park Square

Mother-and-child parking spaces can be found in more and more parking stops. In the parking lots of clinics, the parking spaces are often called stork parking spaces.

And this is what distinguishes mother-and-child parking spaces from regular parking spaces:

  • Mother-child parking spaces are conveniently located right near the entrance.
  • They are more comprehensive than the regular parking spaces. The generous dimensions make it easier to lift the children out of the car with the car doors wide open and put them back in their child seat.
  • Last but not least, the extra width prevents children from slamming the car door against the car parked next to it.

However, many parents are not sure whether they can use the mother-and-child parking lot. And the question arises as to whether there will be fines if you park your car there without authorization.

Mother-Child Parking Spaces: Not Just For Mothers With Their Children

The term mother-child parking lot is undoubtedly formulated in a somewhat limited way. It is a parent-child parking lot intended for both mothers and fathers or all drivers with small children in the vehicle. In addition, the car park is used by heavily pregnant women to make it easier to get to the entrance during pregnancy.

Mother-and-child parking spaces are often found in more oversized parking garages, in shopping centers, in front of shopping malls, and at hospitals. Being able to park close to the front door is essential for many parents. Easily accessible parking space also provides security. This is especially important to women who often feel uncomfortable in parking garages.

Stork parking spaces on the premises of hospitals are reserved for couples who are about to give birth. If the expectant mother is already in labor, the walk to the delivery room should be as short as possible. After the birth, the dad can park his car in the stork parking lot and quickly pick up his wife and baby and bring them home. However, you are generally only allowed to park for a few minutes in these parking spaces.

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