The Importance Of Speaking English In Your Life

The world is becoming more advanced, globalized, and therefore more multicultural; this is one of the main reasons English is predominant. Xchange English is practically everywhere: movies, music, video games, and news. It greatly influences our lives and becomes a connector for communication in cultural matters, trade, diplomacy, and science, considering it the universal language used for research and business.

According to a leading organization in analyzing and obtaining market data and information on consumers, English is currently the most widely spoken language worldwide, with more than 1,130 million speakers and 379 of them. They are native, while the rest have learned it as a second language. This shows us that learning English is no longer an extra skill but an essential knowledge to develop in multiple fields, bringing different advantages to your professional world.   

Having a good level of English can allow you to have the possibility of having a wide portfolio of job offers because we will be an attractive candidate for companies. That is why we wanted to expose some fundamental reasons for learning English.

In management positions, the more responsibility a job entails, the more likely that knowledge of a second language such as English will be required.

New job opportunities and knowing English open the door to many exciting job opportunities, from working abroad for a season to holding a position in a multinational or why not start your own business.

It facilitates your day-to-day work; it allows you to access international resources such as web pages, applications, studies, and reports, giving us an advantage in work.

Carry out university studies; if you continue to seek to continue growing professionally, you can apply for postgraduate studies if you have a command of English.

The study of several languages ​​is of great importance for any professional. Especially English is essential due to its scope and because it has become one of the first languages ​​in the world, learning English is not a luxury but a necessity.

To find new skills, science has determined that learning or knowing a second language, such as English, helps give certain stimuli to our brain, awakening abilities and skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and managing mental reasoning.

At Unitec, our mission and vision are focused on achieving your goals through knowledge and having the opportunity to contribute to the construction of a better society.

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.


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