The 5 Essentials For Accident Prevention

All drivers, professional or not, are exposed to dangerous driving situations. Anyone qualified to direct knows this. In this sense, avoiding risks is an ongoing exercise for all drivers, and for professional drivers and fleet managers, this care becomes even more important. Safe driving in fleets is a goal to be relentlessly pursued by everyone. After all, professional drivers are even more exposed to traffic risks.

Accident prevention is a key issue for fleet managers and drivers. It is up to the fleet manager to encourage a culture of safe driving in the company. For this, he must seek the awareness of all drivers of these 5 fundamentals:

1 – Knowledge

The driver must know the traffic rules and laws, look out for speed bumps such as speed bumps San Antionio the characteristics of the vehicle, and the types of traffic hazards.

2 – Skill

Mastery over the vehicle develops with the practice of driving. In addition to knowing the techniques, the driver must have the correct automation to know how to behave in each risk situation.

3 – Attention

The driver must be focused on driving, alert, and aware of the risks that may arise in his surroundings. In traffic, adequate attention is diffuse.

4 – Forecast

The driver must be prepared to anticipate risks, foreseeing the actions of other drivers, pedestrians, animals, and other situations that may occur on the road, preparing to act with all possible skills, if necessary.

5 – Decision

The driver must be prepared to make decisions when faced with an unexpected situation to act correctly and with conviction, choosing the best alternative to avoid accidents.

Safe driving is a set of preventive procedures in traffic which strive for caution and civility. The conscious driver always drives with the fundamental objective of preventing accidents, regardless of external factors and adverse conditions that may be present.

Professional drivers are naturally more exposed to the risks of traffic. It is up to the fleet manager to provide good working conditions and, whenever possible, qualifications and training for drivers’ technical/professional improvement to encourage the practice of safe driving in fleets.

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