Some tips to deal with drain blockage

How to use drain cleaner

Drains tend to block at the most unwanted times. You might also have dealt with this issue in your house in Reading. However, you can afford to have block drains at your home as it can be a cause of many serious issues. In order to remove blockage, you can hire services of cleaning the blocked drains in Henley. Here are some other tips to avoid drain blockage:


Fat that comes from grease oil can be the worst thing to put into the drains. When it is warm it simply pours down the drain and there it cools down which ultimately forms a clog. Minor clog may turn into a major one and you will not be able to know that. This is the reason you should avoid pouring grease into the drains. You may put a jar or something like that for collecting the grease and then throw it as soon it gets completely filled.

Use bacteria as cleaner

Organic components are the main cause of drain blockages. These may include food particles, hair, etc. There is an easy way to dispose of these components before they go into the drain and that is using the bacteria. You can get bacterial cleaner for drains which simply break down these components and protect your drain. You may get them in liquid or granular form. 

Avoid cement and other joint compounds 

These hard rock compounds can be a great issue to your drains. As these compounds get harden even if they are in underwater so they can easily create clogs and blockages inside your drains. If you are having renovation work or anything that needs to use joint compounds try not to let them go into the drains. You can take the help of containers to rinse off the water from such compounds.

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