Should I replace or refinish the hardwood floor?

So your hardwood flooring appearance is vintage and shabby.carpets in Dubai have to do something, but is it more elevated to refinish them or update them? We assist people in making this choice all of the time, and it’s not hard once you recognize the answer to three questions. Here’s what you want to realize before deciding.

What does Hardwood floor Refinishing Entail?

Durable hardwood floors can generally be sanded and refinished four-5 times to make the floor look like new. The manner involves filing down to raw timber to erase scratches, dents, and stains on the floor. Refinishing also offers the option of changing your stain coloration for a whole new look. 

Usually, select dust-loose Refinishing

Refinishing used to be a messy procedure with dust flying everywhere. With SVB timber flooring, you mustn’t deal with any dirt during the sanding manner. We use The Bona Atomic dust Containment gadget that traps all airborne dust before it can unfold in your own home or commercial enterprise and transports the debris into an Atomic. Dubai carpets trailer out of doors. It’s a very dirt-unfastened revel in. Plus, we shop time without having to seal off rooms with plastic sheets to preserve the dirt. Our clients find it irresistible!

Timber ground condition

The situation of the floors is a considerable component when choosing to refinish or update. If the harm is superficial, refinishing usually is the quality choice. However, if the damage is severe and includes rot or water harm, those planks will get replaced. From time to time, it is viable to restore a phase that is broken and then refinish the complete floor to make all of it healthy. Those tasks are a little more incredible and have to be determined on a case-by-case foundation. 

Age of floor

Hardwood is decades old, has already been sanded down, and cannot be refinished without destabilizing the vinyl flooring Dubai. Therefore, consider the age of the cloth. You could have a professional take a look and inform you if there’s sufficient left to refinish.

Style of floor

Assuming the floor is in first-rate condition, the other component is fashion. Refinishing can make the floor look new again, and a new stain color can trade the look. However, if you’re not satisfied with the timber ground design – wooden, size of the planks, or primary layout – you will update the ground itself.


Another thing to remember is your timetable. Usually speaking, refinishing is quicker than changing. However, refinishing older timber with many stains, scratches, or regions that need patching may take a week or extra. If you pick out to put in prefinished planks, it will likely be quicker than unfinished planks because there’s no repairing, sanding, or staining wished after installation. Different blessings to pre-completed flooring encompass the reality that you understand precisely what it’ll appear to be when hooked up. The manufacturing unit end is even more long-lasting than on-website online finishes. Prefinished floors may be sanded and refinished later so long as they may be solid wood, no longer engineered timber. As a trendy rule, stable hardwood may be refinished. However, most engineered wooden can’t. 


Generally speaking, it’s almost continually less high-priced to refinish your hardwood flooring than to update them. That’s because replacing them involves paying for added wood, the setup itself, and exertion charges for tearing up and hauling away the present hardwood. If you pick unfinished floors, they’ll need to be sanded and stained.

So, back side line, except you don’t like your hardwood floor fashion or format, or your floor is extraordinarily old or broken, it’ll be extra affordable to refinish than update your hardwood flooring. We hope that helps you with your selection.
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