Pros and Cons of Office Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the most popular options of flooring. Carpet tiles are a good choice for heavy foot traffic areas. It appears original due to its durability, which can be retained for a long time. It can withstand heavy wear and tear. These tiles are sturdy, inexpensive and easy to install in any shape of room. These tiles are the stylish addition in the offices and other heavy traffic areas. Pros and cons of office carpet tiles are described here.

Pros of office Carpet tiles

Hard flooring is required for the majority of cases. When you feel that you need the best floor covering, you should try carpet tiles. These tiles offer easy installation and a comfortable indoor environment. There are some pros here.

Easy installation

This is the most attractive feature of the carpet tiles. These sectional tiles are easy to transport, handle and store. Putting them together is so simple. No heavy machinery is required for their installation. Their sticking and peeling is much easier than carpet rolls. Patterns of your choice can be made of your taste and can be changed, when you get bored with existing patterns. The tiles contain adhesive on their back to stick them to the floor. An arrow is also present on the back of tiles to determine the right direction in which these tiles have to be installed.

Easy maintenance

These tiles can trap a lot of dust particles in their fibers; it needs a proper treatment regularly to get rid of those particles. It can be vacuum treatment. In case of spillage, spray a mild detergent solution and then, scrub it by paper towel or piece of cloth so that moisture can be absorbed. If an individual tile is damaged then it can be replaced after a little effort of matching the individual tile from the market.

Highly durable

Carpet tiles are installed in heavy foot traffic areas because these are highly durable. These tiles can bear a lot of stress with very little expenditure requirement of maintenance. These carpet tiles are made up of low and very tight piles so cannot be easily damaged. There is no need to waste money and time on them to change them as a whole; instead a single tile can also be replaced, when damaged.

Flexibility in design

Carpet tiles come in different shapes, colors and patterns in the market. Manufacturers offer a different design and color tile to tile because they apply a dye on tiles after they cut them. The patterns on your mind can come on the floor to beautify the office or room. You can make a pattern, which is centralized in the office or a pattern spreading in the whole room.

Sustainable & Reusable

These tiles need little time to be installed. Whenever you feel that some of these tiles are damaged, you can replace them. You don’t need to put efforts on them unlike you put efforts on carpet rolls. In some cases these tiles are reusable. When you get bored with the same color and pattern you change your floor covering with new colored and patterned tiles then the existing tiles can be shifted to the entryway or social areas.

Cost efficient

Carpet tiles are easily available with many useful features at low prices. In spite of the best qualities with minimum drawbacks these tiles are affordable.


Cons of office Carpet tiles

Everything which benefits us may have side effects as well. Some cons of carpet tiles are also explained here.

Hard Floor may be appropriate sometimes

Sometimes you need hard flooring, for example, in case of a healthcare setting. Some organizations may need hard flooring like wooden flooring or luxury vinyl flooring. It can give a natural look to the rooms.

Non-uniform appearance

These tiles do not repeat them in a uniform pattern that can look awkward in the office area. A broadloom look can be lost by these non-uniform tiles.

Edges Loose fibers

At the joints of each tile there may be fibers loose from edges, which gives a rough look to the floor. It may occur during the production process or may be produced during or post installation. This rough look can make an unpleasant environment of the office area.

Less luxurious under foot

There has often been a perception that carpet tiles do not give a luxurious feel under the foot than broadloom or carpet rolls. This is true to an extent because these tiles are low-piled and are tightly woven. To counter this factor, cushioned backings anti-fatigue benefit tiles are now available in the market for a luxurious feel under foot.

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