Mimic the Look of Concrete, Metal, Marble, Stone and even Gold Walls with Wayne Bowden Painters

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Dress up your space the way you want it, minus the hefty price. At Wayne Bowden Painters, you can mimic the look of any finish — from concrete to marble and even gold — with the use of their high-quality products offered at the most reasonable rates in the market.

Blending Creativity with Durability

Before Wayne Bowden Painters was incorporated in 1987, they have already been in the business since the early ‘80s. Backed by over four decades of experience, WBP has perfected the craft of creating faux finishes using innovative and cost-effective painting technologies.

Their wide array of specialty finish options can give the depth that your space is missing. Their products can be applied to different hard surfaces, including walls, tiles, and even wooden floors.

Their expertise does not only include equipping your space with concrete, metal, marble, stone, and gold finishes — but also knowing which among these suit your surface best.

While they are efficient in delivering their painting services, they make sure to never compromise the quality of their end product. They use only the best tools and equipment to paint your space and guarantee that their technicians are well-trained and highly knowledgeable.

And to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship, they have also partnered with Artimani. The NZ-based Italian team helps WBP bring specialty finishes to life, ensuring that what they produce is aesthetically on point — and resistant to different elements like humidity.

Working with WBP, you can expect a revamped space that blends creativity with durability, all at a rate that won’t let you break the bank.

Hassle-Free Process

Wayne Bowden Painters regard plaster replication as a form of art. And as such, they acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to accommodating the requests of their clients.

They give their clients the freedom to foremostly choose the finish they want to replicate. However, they also go the extra mile, recommend finishes, and give professional pieces of advice to help you achieve the look you want for your space.

When forwarding a finishing request, they also encourage their clients to send an estimated square meterage covered by the project so they can also quickly provide a transparent price quotation.

Upon the receipt of a request, they will then create a physical sample so you can better visualise the faux finish that your space will be applied with. Once their clients approve the sample, WBP will send technicians to inspect the site and provide a final quote.

From initial contact to the completion of the project, WBP maintains a cheerful and professional attitude when it comes to catering to their clients’ needs.

Get Help From WBP Today!

Want to create an accent wall with a marble finish? Opting for an industrial look for your flat? Contact Wayne Bowden Painters for your faux finishing needs. They are a duly accredited commercial and residential painting business with more than 40 years of experience.

For more information about their products and services, visit https://wbp.co.nz/specialty-finishes/. Reach out to them at 09 376 2155 or email them at enquiries@wbp.co.nz.

At Wayne Bowden Painters, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to choosing the best special finishes for your home or other properties. Visit https://wbp.co.nz/specialty-finishes/ today!

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