For any home or business, the installation of solar panels reduces the energy bills. The solar panels are a safe and warm place for birds especially pigeons. If they are not stopped to come near the panels they will build their nest there and you will find the entire family of pigeons under your solar panels. This can put the safety of your solar panels at risk. Other birds and pigeons will damage your solar panels in the long run.

How Pigeons can spoil your solar system?

Your solar panels are highly affected by pigeons and birds. Let us know further –

  1. Loud and Messy – The nest made by pigeons will lead to noise in the solar panels. The bigger the nests in the solar panel the more the pigeons in them. Their scratching and chirping sound will result in your sleepless nights. This will be both frustrating and irritating to you and your family.
  2. Efficiency of your Solar panel’s decreases – The dirt, poops, and mess all around the solar panel will impact the solar panel’s ability to generate solar energy. Since the surface of your solar panel is covered it will lead to a decrease in performance and effectiveness. Birds sometimes can bite the wires which will lead to the system of solar panels getting loose. Thus, no power could be generated.

What is Pigeon Proofing?

Investing in a solar panel for a home or office needs heavy investment. It is essential that it is well maintained and you should use it to its full potential. The process of installing a barrier around the solar panel to prevent the pigeons or birds to gain entry to the solar panel is pigeon proofing. Pigeons and birds will not be able to gain access to solar panels. Thus, pigeon proofing is a perfect permanent solution to your solar panels.

Services included in Pigeon Proofing

Following services are included in pigeon proofing:-

  1. The solar panel is cleaned and any nest found is removed from there. The whole panel area is cleaned thoroughly such that no bird is trapped in the solar panels.
  2. The solar panels and roof area is sanitized properly. All the droppings are removed along with any nesting materials.
  3. Various installation products are available in the market and you can choose one as per your need.

Cost of Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Some of the factors should be taken into consideration while installing pigeon proof solar panels.

  1. Choosing an installer to install the pigeon proof solar panels.
  2. The product as per your choice as per the area of the panel to be covered.
  3. To check out if the solar panel can be accessed without the need for scaffolding.
  4. Check if any damage has occurred and repair need to be done due to the infestation.
  5. The total area to be covered with pigeon proof solar panels.

There are various products available to give a complete solution to your solar panels. However, it is recommended that you make use of a professional pest control company like PPSP Ltd to carry out the work.

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