How To Use Blinds To Modern Up Your House?

Windows and the natural light flowing into our home through it can make or break a room’s overall decor. However, many tend to sideline window treatment while designing a room.

Window coverings can be whatever you want. They can be decorative, functional, or a perfect mix of both. Depending on the room size and the amount of natural light you want in the space, you can choose from various window blind designs serving different functions.

Why Choose Window Blinds for Your Home?

Over the years, homeowners have chosen window blinds over curtains due to the perfect mix of contemporary design and functionality. Cleaning window blinds is also simple and inexpensive compared to laundering huge window curtains.

Modern window blinds offer daylight blackout, privacy, budget-friendly, and easy maintenance, which has kept their popularity in the market for years. You can also order custom-made window blinds to go seamlessly with your home decor while offering all the features mentioned above.

There are many window blind designs available, like Cellular blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, and more. These blinds can be made from metal, bamboo, wood, timber, synthetics, fabric, or resin.

For a more modern and contemporary look, you can choose faux wood to create the window blind panel.

7 Contemporary Window Blinds That Will Turn Your Home Into a Modern Spectacle

Before we delve deep into the various types of contemporary blinds, let us understand what “contemporary” actually means. There is no watertight definition of contemporary in the interior decor and design industry.

It is more of an aesthetic that is ever-changing with decades and trends. For instance, what was considered contemporary in the 1980s might mean something else today. Modern window treatments mostly sport neutral colours like beige, black, white, and grey.

Here are some top contemporary window blinds to give your home a modern look.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the first choice of interior designers and homeowners looking to create a modern home. These blinds can be made of different materials, making them suitable for all kinds of contemporary home decor. For instance, timber Venetian blinds are currently one of the most popular items in the industry.

Edward Bevan invented Venetian blinds in 1769. Horizontal stacks of wood, metal, fabric, synthetic, or any other suitable material are stacked together with the help of fabric strips and cords. You can use the strings to raise the blinds or pull them down.

Honeycomb Blinds

Also known as cellular blinds, this window treatment gets its name from the honeycomb structure of the window slats. A perfect blend of modern design and functionality, honeycomb blinds help trap the heat inside your home during winter and keep the home cool during summer.

Cellular blinds help reduce the power bill and make your home energy efficient. The air trapped inside the honeycomb structure acts as an insulating layer between the outside cold air and the warm air inside your home. Apart from trapping heat, it also blocks out direct sunlight from entering the rooms in the summer.

Roman Blinds

These are a kind of pleated blinds when the fabric slats drape on top of one another in wide sections when pulled up. The pleats are delicately layered and create an elegant contemporary look.

Roman blinds can be made from fabrics like silk, woven cotton, and waterproof polyester. The wide range of options enables you to select the right material for functionalities like light control and privacy.

Solar Shades

You can gather the function of this window blind from its name. These shades block out excess sunlight, UV rays, and heat while allowing you to relax within the privacy of your home.

The Bottomline

To make the most of your window blinds, it is best to match them with the style and colour of your interior decor. Choose any of the abovementioned options and create a seamless, modern look for your home.

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