How To Transform The Plant Hire Customer Experience In The Digital Age

There are certain parts of the plant hire industry in the UK that have failed to move with the times, with cumbersome bureaucracy attached to poor customer service levels, outdated equipment, and a failure to embrace modern techniques and approaches that have transformed the industry elsewhere. Finding a plant hire company that fits your specific needs does not just mean finding the right machinery and equipment to lease for a single project. There is a lot more to think about and choosing from plant hire companies in the UK that have embraced the digital age will bring greater long-term benefits than going with the bog-standard plant hire solutions of old.

In every aspect of our lives, we have become accustomed to the digital way of thinking (and acting). Why wouldn’t this translate into the plant hire sector? The best plant hire companies have spent the last few years investing in this area, ensuring that their customers feel the benefit of digital technological advancement. It’s no good just paying lip service to it though, it must make a real difference to the quality of the service delivered.

This can be seen in several ways. For some plant hire solutions, they now provide their customers with a digital platform that connects them with their order at every stage of the process. This helps to notify site managers and those in the need of knowledge, to understand which plant hire is arriving on site and when. It also provides them with critical digital information relating to the performance capabilities of the equipment and machinery, as well as providing warning signals for potential breakdowns or malfunctions. 

Overall, this approach to improving the digital data that is provided to customers helps to smooth the entire process. It gives greater control over the delivery schedule of plant hire, pinning down exact times and locations that ensure a clear schedule on site, minimising disruption and downtime. It also helps keep track of any potential obstacles in the form of maintenance issues and safety hazards, keeping operators safe on site and making good use of repair and replacement agreements with your plant leasing company. On top of this, digital training manuals, video clips and automated question and answer services help to keep operators fully trained in all aspects of the machines and equipment they will be operating, understanding the limitations, capacities, and potential hazards to be aware of. It is designed to drive standards and performance higher and higher.

As you can see, improving the customer experience in the digital age is possible for the plant hire industry. The fundamentals remain the same, high-quality machinery and equipment, leased out on a part-time basis for the use on construction sites. The plant hire must be solid, reliable, with great delivery schedules, high safety standards adhered to at all times, and care for the customer. There are processes within all this that can be tweaked to embrace the digital age, genuinely improving the process for the customer, and enhances the final result and performance received.

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.


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