How To Successfully Prevent A Lockout Issue

As much as we’d all love to hope that we always have a present frame of mind, with how fast-paced life is today, that’s often not the case. There are lots of times when we’re just so caught up in everything we need to do, that we end up forgetting to do things that are simple, and right in front of us… things like knowing exactly where our house keys are, at all times.

It’s naive to think that you’ll never get locked out of your home, well, that is if you don’t take a few precautionary measures to make sure it doesn’t happen. There are a few measures you can take to make sure that you always have a way back into your house, with or without your main key!

  1. Always use the key to lock the door
    A lot of doors have a self-locking system. The way this usually works is that you click the lock in while the door is open, and as soon as it closes, the lock engages and stays in place. Now, while this is a convenient way to lock the door, it makes it that much more likely that you’ll accidentally forget the key inside, and lock yourself out. An easy fix to this problem is to make a rule that you’ll always use the key to lock the door instead! That way, you’ll at least be sure that you took the key out of the house, and will just have to keep track of it until you get home again!
  2. Attach the key to your wallet
    If you’re not the best at keeping track of your keys, there’s a great way to deal with that problem! Almost all bags and wallets come with a little loop that you can use to attach your keys to them. That way, whenever you’re out, all you have to do is keep track of your wallet, which you probably already do anyway! If you don’t carry a bag or a wallet, you can even get a phone case that has a key ring holder attached to it! Either way, you’ll be keeping track of one necessary item, while also taking care of your keys! If you have your keys on you at all times, you’re less likely to get stuck outside your home!
  3. Keep a hide-away key
    If you can’t do the wallet or phone attachment, don’t worry, there are still ways that you can make sure you always have access to a key when you get home. Get a fake rock or a lockbox to store a backup key in. That way, if you are to lose your main key while you’re out, you’ll still have access to the spare key when you come home!
  4. Hand a spare to someone you trust
    If you live in an apartment, or just don’t have space for a fake rock to sit outside your home, it might not be possible for you to hide a key in plain sight. In this case, a lot of people will resort to leaving the key above the door frame, but that’s not recommended as that’s usually the first place a thief will look for a key! Instead of leaving it out in the open, hand the spare key to someone you trust. This could be your next-door neighbor or a friend or family member that you can trust to hold on to it and be available to hand it to you if you get locked out!
  5. Keep a locksmith on speed-dial
    Finally, if all else fails, have a failsafe. Have a locksmith Birmingham, or a locksmith in your local area, on speed dial. You should research the locksmith beforehand so you know exactly who to call if you end up needing help getting back into your home!

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