Hold the Structural Integrity of a Building with Tuckpointing Perth 

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Building owners in Perth choose the brick and stone facilities as it requires little maintenance. The brick facades last for more than hundreds of years and do not need major repairs. However, the truth is that even the sturdiest structure needs upkeep. It means tuckpointing Perth is essential to hold the building’s structural integrity.

Bricks loosen with time and it turns to be a costly repair. Structural issues crop up causing an eyesore for tenants. It is also a worry for the pedestrians as a safety risk.  The masonry crumbling leads to seepage of water, when left ignored. It happens mostly behind the façade of the bricks and it loosens the bricks. Small vermin or insect penetrating the envelope of a building is enough to cause structural issues. You cannot afford to ignore tuckpointing Perth if you want to save the brick façade structure.

Few things about tuckpointing

Bricks last without any repair for a century or maybe even more, but the same does not fit the mortar joints. The brick space of a building has grout and mortar filling, and it deteriorates due to weather conditions and water penetration. The mortar joints last for 2 to 3 decades, though it is not easy to say the exact time as it depends on the material combination used.

Before considering tuckpointing Perth, the mortar joint deterioration needs a visual inspection.  Only then do the cracks, discoloration, or crumbling due to water damage come to light and triggers the requirement of tuckpointing. 

The Tuckpointing Timing 

The bricks mortar showing tiny fissures goes unnoticed. Ignoring the crumbling grout as it is small is a big mistake. It is time tuckpointing should not be postponed. The problems appearing small today will escalate in cost, if one fails to address them at the right time. Neglecting a brick building upkeep for a longer time leaves no option but to tear the façade down.

Spotting loose bricks in the façade of a building is a critical issue requiring immediate addressing. Repairing loose bricks is possible with simple tuckpointing Perth. But if you contact a professional, he will offer a customized plan for the façade and the other portions that require strengthening with tuckpointing.

If you see crumbling mortar bits or crack anytime, you may run the edge of your key along the mortar. If a scratch appears in the joint, it is an indication it needs attention.  A simple scratch test is enough to show the mortar’s integrity, and considering tuckpointing is the best.

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