Fixing A Self-Closing Hinge On Kitchen Cabinets

Manufacturers began to develop self-closing hinges to protect against the destruction of cabinets. It’s not a great idea to slam the cabinet doors repeatedly, especially if you want to ensure that your cabinets are in their best condition. However, with the help of self-closing hingesthat can be closed, cabinets can be closed easily without any effort from the person using them. 

However, self-closing hinges are known to become a bit faulty as time passes, and the cause may be related to the hinge. If you own a self-closing hinge that’s not working anymore, don’t think about buying the door of your cabinet right away.

Step 1: Check if the screw is loose

You can inspect the hinges in detail and, with a screwdriver, check for loose screws. If there is a loose screw and causing problems, it could cause doors to move out of alignment and self-closing hinges to malfunction. You can also try to replace any screws that are missing.

Step 2: Apply lubricant to the hinge

Apply some oil if the hinge isn’t closing as it should. Lubricants can be used to get rid of any debris or other obstructions from the hinge’s crucial regions. After spraying, clean any traces of lubricant off with a dry cloth. If the door closes without effort, verify that the hinges remain functioning.

Step 3: Immerse the hinge in hot water

While similar to the earlier methods, this is used to remove any stubborn materials inside the hinges. The slow cooker should be filled with water and a couple of spoonfuls of liquid laundry detergent. Put the unscrewed hinge on the dish and then turn the cooker on to medium temperature. Then let it sit overnight and clean the hinge afterward.

Step 4: Find the screws to adjust them and then loosen or tighten them

If all else fails, the most probable reason for the malfunctioning hinges is the incorrect positioning of the adjustment screws that result in the cabinet doors being misaligned or misplaced. You can find the adjustment screws between the hinges on the top and bottom. A single move could make the door lean to the left or right, and another can make it move closer or further away from the cabinet.

If nothing else works, you can look for a new kitchen cabinet Oceanside or a service for cabinet refacing Brea. For more information on fixing a self-closing hinge, see this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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