Does Hot Water Extraction Causes Damage to the Carpet?

There are many misconceptions about the hot water extraction method. Many people are afraid that hot water would damage the fibres of the carpet or too much moisture would have a long-term impact on the carpet. But the truth is different! Hot water extraction is a popular method used for carpet cleaning service. It has shown great results for both residential and commercial complexes. Even professionals find this an amazing way to clean the carpet. Let’s have a look at the reasons that prove that hot water extraction is not a bad option for carpet cleaning:

  • It is an eco-friendly option

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is a safe option for the environment. Natural cleaning power of hot water is utilised to remove a plethora of problems such as odour, spots and dirt. When hot water comes out with high pressure from the equipment, it miraculously cleans the carpet within a few minutes. No matter what type of carpet you have or what is the area, the hot water extraction method is suitable for all.

There is no need to use specialised cleaning agents to remove mild stains. If the stains are deep-rooted and severe, then a little quantity of cleaning product can be added to a compartment in hot water extraction equipment. Undoubtedly, the air becomes pure when the carpet is cleaned properly without any residue of chemicals.

  • It offers powerful cleaning

Hot water has the ability to seep deep down the carpet and pull out the stains and dirt particles that are settled deep down the fibres. Other methods such as dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning cannot provide deep cleaning. Whether your carpet has become the victim of mould, bad odour or tough stains, hot water works efficiently in resolving all the issues.

The heat from the hot water loosens the bond between the fibres and the stains. The chunks of dirt come up on the surface by dissolving in water. The vacuum system in the hot water extraction equipment collects back the filthy liquid. At the end of the process, you get a fresh-smelling and visibly clean carpet.

  • No scrubbing required

The biggest problem with carpet shampooing is the use of brushes. Sometimes, harsh use of scrubs with non-biodegradable chemicals destroys the fibres of the carpet. This ruins the appearance and functionality of the rug. Within a few years, the chemicals tend to accumulate and scrubbing keeps on ruining the fibres. This results in irreparable damage. The owner of the property has to purchase a new carpet. The hot water extraction process is gentle to the carpet. Heat does its magic without disturbing the woven structure of the carpet.

  • Hot water kills microbes and pests

A normal-looking carpet can be a habitat to various microorganisms that spread different types of infections and allergies among humans and pets. These microbes destroy the carpet if left untreated. Mould, fleas, dust mites and bacteria are common examples of harmful lives that stay in the carpet. These creatures cannot tolerate the soaring temperature of the hot water and die within a few seconds. The life of the carpet increases significantly when all the microbes are cleared from the carpet.

  • Stains are removed easily

When the stains become old and tough, they become more visible and prominent. You can notice multiple shades on the carpet due to the stains formed because of pets, ink, red wine, mud, dirty shoes, etc. After a point of time, it becomes imperative to replace the carpet because of the damage caused by the stains. But, this situation can be avoided if a regular professional carpet cleaning service is booked. Hot water extraction technique after every 6 months can keep the stains at bay and save the luxurious carpet from unwanted and ugly stains.

The odour produced because of stains can also be controlled by hot water. Bacteria that produce the odour are killed with hot water. Right from sanitisation to deodorisation, this process takes care of everything without damaging the carpet.


In the nutshell, hot water extraction carpet cleaning is an environment-friendly and effective method of cleaning the carpet. As you can see in the above-listed points that this process has various benefits that contribute to the extended life of the carpet. If you hire professionals for hot water extraction, the carpet is going to look clean and tidy. There is no need to worry about the carpet because this method can treat the oldest stains from even the delicate materials.

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.

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