Different types of Fake grass for households

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Home decoration is more than just designing the walls and tables in Birmingham. It also includes working on the floors and adding an artistic touch to them. Nowadays, nothing seems better than a natural texture to the floors. However, it is not possible to get fresh grass grown on roofs and indoors. This is why people incline towards artificial grass Birmingham. They provide a very easy and low maintenance option to add a natural touch to the floors. Here are the different types of these grasses that are available for use.


This is the first option that crosses the minds of people whenever they think of installing artificial grass in their homes. The reason behind this is the close to real natural appearance of the polyethylene grass material and also the softer feel that it provides. It comes in unique bright green color composure. It helps in making an effective landscape and serves best for athletic purposes like running grounds, soccer fields and for baseball grounds.


This is the strongest material there is for artificial grass. These grasses can survive the heaviest of temperatures, powerful motions as well as heaviest of weights without suffering or losing a loss in their shape and texture.  This is why they fit perfectly well for outdoor settings as one does not require worrying of damaging the grass while playing around with his or her family on it.


For those who prefer visual aesthetics over durability, polypropylene is a great option for artificial grass. It works well for decorative spheres. A grass sheet of this material can be used over for decorating tables and shelves. As an addition, this material can handle high temperatures to similar extent of Nylon. Therefore, it can also be kept in open spaces for decoration.

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