Different Styles of Doors

When you think of a security mechanism of your home then, mostly doors flash on your mind. There are too many styles of doors for your entry way and interior rooms. These countless styles give a unique aspect to your home and they meet your needs. If you want to protect your vacant property then you need a strong door and you have to decide carefully. There are big ranges of door styles that are readily available in markets at affordable prices. You can customize the design, size and material for your home which suits you the best. Here are some popular styles of doors to guide you better.  

  • Pivot Doors

This type of door is wider. If you want to have a wider entrance then pivot door is a good option. It pivots on a hinge that holds it at top and bottom of the door. This is the best style for the main entrance into the house. It is available in different design styles and you can choose a design which fits in your home the best. 

  • Double Doors

These doors are best for large entrance ways. There are two doors which can be opened from the middle. You’ll feel free while choosing designs. They may include glass panels in wood. These doors give a unique and graceful look to the space. 

  • Solid Doors

These doors are manufactured of wood. Your most loved type of wood depends on your requirements of design and style. These are suitable for main entrances of the homes and for interior doors. They give an awesome appearance to your home. 

  • Side Lights Doors

These doors contain a panel on sides which is made up of glass. You can add a window element in your design. It is mainly designed for brightness. This is a graceful and loving option for entrances. This design is admired in the closed design homes.

  • Internal glass Doors

This is a modern way to add beauty in your home for security purposes. It consists of a fixture which is made up of wood with a glass panel which can be opaque or clear. You can decide what you need. Either you need opaque or clear glass according to your needs.

  • Veneer Doors

This style of doors is perfectly concluded with veneer and mostly loved for bedrooms. They give a unique look to the bedrooms. You can choose the size and design of veneer doors of your choice.  

  • Folding and Sliding Doors

This style of doors consists of a single panel which can be folded or can be opened by sliding. They can easily shut and are available in modern designs that are best suited to your home. Sliding doors can be opened by sliding them in a pocket which is made in the wall.

  • Garage Doors

There are a variety of garage doors. These are available in different designs and materials. They can be modern or traditional depending upon your wish. These are specially designed in large sizes to ensure the security of the garages which are usually found with homes. 

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