Designing A Hotel Lobby – Why Is It Important?

The hotel lobby or the reception area is the place that someone notices first when they walk through the hotel entrance. Most of the guests decide whether to stay or not in any hotel or accommodation facility based on the impression that they get from the view in the front lobby. Lobby refurbishing is mandatory for every hotel management service, if they wish to attract the attention of potential travelers. 

While planning to go with the lobby redesigning, you cannot neglect the installation of the premium carpet logo mats. Logo mats that are customized with the name and brand of your hotel will surely become the best advertisement for your hotel. You can take the help of Ultimate Mats to get the customized version of floor mats for the lobby area of your hotel. Visit their website to know more. 

Importance of Lobby Redesigning 

Here are some of the many benefits of lobby redesigning. 

  • First Impression is the Best 

The lobby area is the place in the hotel that leaves an imprint in the mind of your customers about the hotel forever. The lobby that has a musty-smell ambiance, outdated furniture, and non-friendly receptionists will surely make your customers think twice before booking a room there. 

Only a welcoming lobby area that can create a perfect first impression will help your customer decide whether to stay there or not. 

  • All About the Guests 

The lobby area in a hotel should cater to the needs of the customers in all possible ways. Addition of some of the services such as freebies, some special services, etc., to keep the customers hooked to the hotel service. 

You can add some special services at the entrance area of the hotel such as welcoming the guests with a flute of champagne or any fruit juice, for the non-drinkers, some delicacies and candies distribution, and so on. 

  • Themed Lobbies is the Best Welcome 

The local theme in the lobbies is the best way of welcoming guests to any hotel. For instance, in Hawaii, most of the hotels welcome their guests with a drink in the coconut shell with a straw and an umbrella, along with a garland made with the local flowers. Understand what is the famous idea in your locality and include that theme in the lobby and also in the welcoming of the guests. 

  • Customized Mats is Like a Cherry On Top 

Customization has become a way of life. You can easily get the front door mats to your lobbies or even the carpets customized with the name and the brand logo of your hotel. Choose the best available design of your hotel name and brand logo and customize the carpet and floor mats in such a way that they can become the best way of welcoming your guests. 

You can make use of many ways of keeping the mats and carpets in place, even though they are installed in the heavy traffic area. You can do it by following the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Adhesive Fastening 
  • Mechanical Fastening 

The lobby area is the location in any hotel or accommodation facility, where the customers decide whether to stay or to leave and find another accommodation facility. Keeping it well-furnished, modernized along with the addition of some customized floor mats is the best way to make your guests stay in your hotel. 

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