Cleaning Tips from The Pros

While the cleaning tips below all come recommended by professionals who clean for a living, you don’t need to be a pro to follow them. So, for cleaning tips that everyone can benefit from, here are some of our favorites: 

  • Incorporate cleaning and tidying into your regular, daily routine

Being aware of smaller cleaning and tidying tasks, and carrying them out regularly helps you to avoid having to spend hours of your free time catching up on a dirty, messy home. Dedicate just half an hour a day to wiping down surfaces and tidying away clutter, and make your home look and feel cleaner, every day. 

  • Sanitize high-contact areas at least once a day

This has become especially important in recent times, and as it takes but a few seconds to wipe down light switches, door knobs and handles with a disinfectant solution, there’s no excuse for not doing this frequently. If you live in a busy, multiple occupancy household, you should do this at least twice a day. Leave a pack of sanitizing wipes at various convenient locations around your home to make the task quicker, and to serve as a reminder.  

  • Don’t neglect the dirtiest spots in your home

Oftentimes, it’s the items and areas most frequently used, that get the dirtiest, but are cleaned the least. For a truly clean home, you’ll need to spend some time each week cleaning your furniture. Vacuum sofas and armchairs, wash the covers if possible, and sanitize tabletops. Remote controls for TVs and gaming systems should be cleaned with alcohol-based wipes, as should cell phones and any other handheld devices. As mentioned in the first tip, door knobs and light switches shouldn’t escape your house cleaning efforts, either. 

  • Clean your tools and materials, too

If you’re cleaning your home with a dirty cloth or bacteria-ridden sponge, then you could be doing more harm than good. Cloths and sponges can be soaked in a diluted bleach solution, or washed at high temperature in your machine to avoid spreading germs around your home.

  • Keep your bedding hygienically clean

While you might think that your bedding is clean enough since all you do is sleep on it, dust mites, bed bugs and various bodily bacteria can be lurking there, so change your sheets and pillow cases at least once a fortnight (ideally, once a week), and vacuum your mattress to suck up dust and other unwanted particles. You can even wash your pillows, but if you use pillow and mattress protectors, this can be done every few months or so. 

Tips from professional cleaners are all well and good, but what if you want a pro cleaner of your own? Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable cleaning companies out there with professional teams of cleaners to get your home spotlessly clean, as often as you want. To try out their services, simply call a company of your choice for a trial cleaning period and sit back and relax while they expertly clean your home from top to bottom. 

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