Carpet Materials: What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Carpets

Several thousand years ago, someone thought it was a good idea to put the skin of the newly hunted and devoured buffalo at the entrance of the cave. That illustrious and unknown ancestor of ours had just invented, without knowing it, carpets.

Since that day, the list of materials with which carpets are made is longer than the negotiations to form a government.

There are flower carpets. There are carpets of clouds for when you die and go to heaven, of nails for the fakirs of India, and burning embers in some ancient festivals.

Vinyl Carpet

But without reaching those extreme types, we are not going to fool ourselves, and it is challenging to put at home. The variety of materials for domestic rugs is so great that it does not hurt to make a recap of the most common materials with which carpets are made.

And that is independent of other issues such as size or measurements, whether you want fixed measurements or if you want to create your custom rug.

The Main Material From Which Most Carpets Are Made

One of the commonest materials from which carpets are made is:

Cotton Carpets

We already know from Green Mats that cotton does not deceive, and carpets, neither. Cotton, a natural fiber where it exists, is today universal, ubiquitous, and even ecumenical.

They admit many braiding and dyes, although they have less resistance than wool and wear out much earlier. But they are straightforward to clean, they are light and flexible, and above all, they are trotters, dynamic and youthful.

They can be made in practically any color. They do not pile up and can even be washed in the washing machine, although they may shrink slightly.

In summary:

Warm, high-chair, inexpensive, colorful, easy-care rugs.


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