Bedroom Design Secrets: 4 Smart Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Despite hopping on the trend of small and minimalist rooms, many people struggle to find smaller spaces appealing. Fortunately, there are numerous hacks that you can employ to make a small bedroom look bigger. Here are four of the best ways to meet this goal.

Use Light Colors for the Room

Optical illusions are your best friend when it comes to creating a bigger-looking space by using nothing but the right choice of color. The first secret to making a  bedroom look more spacious is by going for lighter paint colors for your room’s walls, furniture, wallpapers, and other similar elements.

Light colors are brighter. Therefore, they tend to make walls reflective, giving an illusion of open space with significant air to cross through. Furthermore, light colors work incredibly well with windows and iron doors due to their ability to make the best use of natural light’s effect in the house, especially during the day. The reason why it’s relatively challenging to achieve a similar look with darker shades is because these colors make the space look more compact by absorbing the natural light around them.

Furthermore, it’s easier to install iron and steel doors as entryways for rooms with lighter colors because of how these colors highlight statement-making entrances.

Get Creative with the Room’s Lighting

Lighting is a critical element in creating spacious looks for smaller rooms. While you’re in for a treat, if your room has access to substantial natural light, you might struggle to make the best use of lighting without the right strategy.

This is where brighter and unique lighting fixtures come in. These can be regular pieces or antique fixtures to add some metal finishes to the room’s look. The goal is to strategically place lights in areas where they’ll reflect other walls the most, especially if you have accent walls in your bedroom. Similarly, the right lighting color should be able to give your room the natural light effect it needs to look more spacious and breathable.

Remember to ensure that the lighting you’re choosing goes well with the iron or steel entryways of your home.

Don’t Forget to Declutter the Space

Sometimes a space looks smaller than it originally is because of all the things cluttering it. This includes using larger furniture, books, unnecessary decoration materials, clothes, and other items that you no longer need.

Therefore, thoroughly decluttering the area is the simplest yet incredibly effective way to effortlessly create more space in your bedroom. Create a list of items you don’t want in your room anymore, collect them, and discard them accordingly. This will allow you to use the available space more efficiently, making the room look bigger.

Install Space-Saving Steel Interior Doors

A small room tends to look even smaller when its doors are massive and take a significant amount of space. The best solution for this issue is to resort to space-saving steel interior doors such as french doors or pocket doors that take up a lot less space without compromising the room’s design and overall look.

French doors are incredible for modern homes, while pocket doors disappear into the adjacent wall as soon as you open or shut them. This instantly adds more space to the room.

Having a dramatically huge space is no longer critical for a bedroom when you’re able to implement the above-discussed practices efficiently. The key to achieving more space in the room is smartly incorporating iron and steel doors for your room’s entryways. If you’re looking for a door company that’ll help you make the best use of these bedroom design secrets, check out the iron and steel doors available at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

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About the Author

The author is an incredibly renowned and experienced home stager in Oregon, using his expertise to partner with real estate agencies and interior designers in Portland to stage luxury homes throughout Oregon. He’s known for using his skills to make the best use of spaces, regardless of the lack of resources and space availability. With his fondness for minimalism, he continues to impress clients looking for contemporary and sleek home designs.

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