Basic power tools in construction and their advantages you need to know

One of the determining factors of success and profitability in civil construction is the productivity, as well as efficiency and quality. You can obtain and optimize the result when you use power tools by replacing manual machines. Therefore, there are automatic and semi-automatic power tools for different activities that optimize different stages, and may even reduce the amount of labor needed. We recommend you to buy power tools and any building materials from CRL tool shop Llandudno. However, it is essential to know what these items are and know when to use each one.

Saws and cutting discs

There are several types of saws such as the jigsaw, the marble saw, the circular saw, and others. The tic-tac is widely used by carpenters to make cuts in thinner woods. The circular one is mainly for making precise cuts in wood. The marble saw cuts materials such as bricks, concrete, ceramics, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, bronze, plastic, steel, iron, etc. 


The sander is a power tool that reduces the work process, as well as making it better and saving the worker. It is suitable for roughing and finishing with a finer appearance on various types of surfaces and materials, such as furniture, walls, wood, plaster and concrete. On the market, you can find several types, sizes and features.

Vibrating plate and compactors

The vibrating plate is a plate compactor, useful mainly in the compaction of interlocked pavements and soils with layers of up to 20 cm. There is also the frog-type compactor, used for compacting backfills in trenches, nets, floors and the bottom of trenches. 


Even though the name is not common to many people, its function is quite simple. It trims and cuts burr and scrap from a variety of surfaces — improving the finish through abrasion. This tool is widely used in welded parts.

Power Hammer

There are several models of power hammer, which you can find at CRL hardware shop Llanduno. They can be from the most traditional to the most modern. With it, you can finish the work quickly and you do not get tired. They are ideal for heavy work that involves drilling into resistant surfaces, such as concrete, ceramics and floors. They also demolish floors, beams and pillars.

Power Drill

The drill is a tool used in various stages and activities of a work – from simple to complex. It can be electric or battery powered. Drills can also perform the function of screwdrivers and impact drills, streamlining the activity and reducing the effort made by workers.

Vibrating Rulers

Vibrating rulers are electric tools that make the execution of floors and slabs much faster and more efficient, in addition to providing a high quality finish, as it allows surfaces to be flat with much less effort and homogeneous. Because they are light, they do not cause more fatigue to workers.

Laser Level Meter

This electric tool makes work more accurate, replacing manual levels, plumbs and level hoses. It is essential for the realization of walls, coatings, frames, among other functions.

Electronic tape measure

Most are laser-based and significantly facilitates measurements, reducing the need to travel and can be performed by just one person. This tape measure is extremely accurate and allows you to add and subtract, making the process much more agile and efficient.

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