A guide to types of Synthetic carpets

Carpets are always a welcome addition to our place. Mats are cozy, comfortable, and exceptional in noise and heat insulator. No matter how beautiful floorings turn into with time rugs, never lose their place. Carpets are still used as an accessible floor covering. Rugs are found in two different types. Natural and the second type are called Synthetic Carpets.

Natural and handmade carpets consist of natural materials like sisal, wool, or silk. On the other hand, Synthetic means man-made and synthetic rugs stand for man-made carpets. Both carry equal benefits and are famous for their durability. Synthetic carpets are getting more popular as wall to wall carpets, and also they are much cheaper and equally or more durable than natural carpets. Compared to natural rugs, synthetic carpets are more stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Cleaning a stain from a Nylon mat is much easier than wool. You may also get lots of customization options in synthetic carpets as compared to natural ones.

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Synthetic carpets were once available in a few kinds, but now there are several varieties. The four major types of synthetic carpets are mentioned here:

Nylon Carpets:

  • Nylon carpets are one of the most durable and popular types of synthetic rugs. For years it has been known as ultimate carpet fibers due to their sustainable resilience and durability. The fibers always bounce back no matter how heavy foot traffic.
  • Nylon rugs are available in the market in different dyed colors. The fibers have strong resilience to foot traffic, but at the same time, they are soft and comfortable. Nylon rugs are an excellent choice for living rooms, stairs, and corridors.
  • Cleaning and maintaining a Nylon carpet is also very easy. You may not have to spend long hours vacuuming regularly, and occasional deep cleaning makes sure that carpet will last longer and remain fresh and new for more time. Nylon Carpets are lighter in weight as compared to other ones.

Polyester Carpet:

  • Polyester (Polyethylene, terephthalate, or PET) is a versatile fiber. These fibers are very popular in the garment industry and also gaining some fame in the carpet industry. In past polyester carpets were not very popular choices as they were not as durable as Nylon. But with technology now, polyester carpets are becoming more permanent.
  • A new famous type of Polyester is Triexta. Fibers of polyester and Nylon are mixed to make this carpet. It gives carpet qualities of both; variety and durability. Triexta is much softer and carries the dye better than Nylon. You may feel softness the same as wool carpet softness under your feet.
  • Polyester is naturally stain-resistant, and typically recycled material is used in the making. So it is a favorite choice of eco-friendly customers.

Olefin Carpets:

  • Olefin carpets, or widely known as polypropylene carpets, are famous for their soft and comfortable plush. Many people call it to look like wool carpets. Olefin is mostly used as broadloom carpets, and they stand at your grounds for an extended period. Polypropylene is also famous as an outdoor synthetic carpet because it carries fade resistance ability. Stain resistance is the same as any other synthetic rug. Olefin also works best in slippery places due to its anti-slip features.
  • The only drawback this carpet has is that; Olefin is entry-level carpets with less durability and maybe don’t bear a lot of foot traffic for a long time.
  • Polypropylene Carpets are the cheapest among all the types of synthetic rugs.

Acrylic Carpets:

  • Acrylic carpets are made of polyacrylonitrile fibers. Acrylic is excellent at stains resistance, and they work best as a heat insulator.
  • Your feet will always feel warm and cozy after touching its surface. Acrylic rugs can copy the features of cotton and wool carpets.
  • The fibers share excellent abrasion resistance and carry anti-chemical stains and may work well against mildew.
  • The only drawback is their lesser durability as compared to all other types.


It is not only the type of fibers that decide the best quality of the carpet, but their manufacturing method, construction, and additives (dyes and adhesive) leave a conclusive impact on it. Also, if you take care of your carpet correctly, it will last longer than expected.

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