5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Lobby Stand Out

When guests walk into your hotel lobby, you want them to feel impressed. You want them to feel like they are in for a luxurious experience. The good news is that it’s not hard to make your hotel lobby stand out. There are many different design elements you can play with. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the most effective ways to make your lobby hotel design stand out!

Here Are Five Ways To Make Your Hotel Lobby Look And Feel Special:

  1. Add Some Color – Lobby walls can be quite boring, but adding some vibrant colors or interesting patterns can really help liven up the space. Consider painting an accent wall or using wallpaper to create a unique look.
  1. Provide Seating Options – Comfortable seating is essential in any lobby. Choose furniture pieces that are both functional and stylish, such as armchairs, couches, and ottomans. You may even want to invest in an impressive piece of art that doubles as a bench!
  1. Include Greenery – Adding plants to your hotel lobby will instantly bring it to life and make it more inviting for guests. Choose plants that are low-maintenance and require little watering. Large potted plants or hanging baskets will create the most impact.
  1. 4. Make Use of Lighting – A few strategically placed lamps or sconces can make a huge difference to your lobby’s ambiance. Consider adding dimmers and adjustable lighting to allow guests to customize the level of lighting in the space as they wish.
  1. 5. Showcase Local Artwork – Featuring local artwork is an excellent way to make your hotel lobby stand out. Opt for large statement pieces that will draw people’s attention and create conversation points among guests. You could even hang framed photographs taken by local photographers!

5 Things To Avoid in Your Hotel Lobby

  1. Uncomfortable Furniture – Avoid furniture that is too big, too small, or just plain uncomfortable. Guests should be able to relax and enjoy their time in your lobby without feeling awkward.
  1. Clutter – Keep the space tidy and free of clutter. This will help create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury, rather than chaos and disorder.
  1. Poor Lighting – Poor lighting can make a lobby feel dull and uninviting—not what you want for your guests! Make sure the lighting is bright enough yet adjustable so that people can adjust it to suit their needs.
  1. Dull Wall Art – Your walls should be interesting and eye-catching, not dull and boring. Choose bright colors, bold patterns, and interesting photographs that will draw people in and make them want to explore the space.
  1. Unattractive Reception Desk – Your reception desk is the first thing guests see when they enter the lobby. Make sure it looks good and presents a professional image of your hotel.

Overall, there are many ways to create an impressive hotel lobby that stands out from the rest! With some creative touches and attention to detail, you can transform a dull space into one that’s inviting and luxurious. Try out these tips today to give your hotel a new look!

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.


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