5 Signs That You Might Need to Replace Your Locks

Just as with any item of hardware, your locks can become damaged over time and even erode, and when this happens, the safety of your home and its occupants can become compromised. To prevent this from happening, it pays to check your locks from time to time, and be on the lookout for any of the following 5 signs:

  • A lock that has been damaged or isn’t working properly

If your lock appears to be damaged (even if you can still use it), or is not working as it should, you should have it repaired or replaced, pronto. A quick consultation with a local, licensed locksmith will help determine the nature of the problem, and get it solved before it causes a major issue such as a lock-out, or you suffer a break-in. 

  • General wear and tear

Because the locks on our homes and businesses are used so often, they can easily and quickly become worn, which over time, could cause them to stop working effectively. Some signs of rust, for example, can be seen with the naked eye, but if you don’t know the age of your locks because they were on the property when you moved in or set up business, there may be some internal wear and tear that you can’t see. A professional locksmith assessment, however, can help identify early signs of wear and tear and prevent them from ruining your locks altogether.

A rusty lock is incredibly vulnerable, so don’t neglect this if you spot it. 

  • You’ve just moved in to a new home

When you move home, you never know quite who might have hung onto a set of the keys, so it pays to replace all the existing locks, just in case. Typically, the owner of a rented property won’t proactively change the locks when a new tenant moves in unless they’re faulty or damaged, so it’s best to just get them replaced yourself, for peace of mind.

  • You’ve recently experienced a break-in

If your home was broken into, it’s vital that you replace your locks as quickly as possible – certainly the same day – as they may be damaged, or have become compromised. If the burglar entered using brute force, the door or its locking mechanism will certainly be damaged, and may not even allow the door(s) in question to close, let alone lock. Even if the locks weren’t touched by the burglar (perhaps they broke a window and gained entry that way), having your locks changed will help give you more peace of mind. 

  • Security in your neighborhood has taken a nosedive

If your home wasn’t broken into, but a property (or several properties) in the neighborhood were, this could be a good time to have a licensed locksmith come to your home and test your locks. It could be that burglars and intruders have found weak spots in the general security of the homes, whether it be the places that homeowners ‘hide’ keys, or garage doors improperly secured, and could suggest that your home may be a target next. 

If the locksmith discovers that any, or all of your locks aren’t performing as they should, they will replace them for you and do their best to help you secure your home and make it burglar-proof. 

If any of the above issues are currently affecting the locks on your home, reach out to your local locksmith as soon as possible, and make sure your property isn’t vulnerable to criminal activity and targeted by thieves. 

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