Why is Crompton considered as the best consumer electronics brand in India?

The electronics industry has witnessed major changes in the past couple of decades in India. The demand & requirements of both businesses & consumers have led to higher demand for high-quality & innovative products. Hence, various brands have been working relentlessly to ensure regulatory support, better logistics so that there’s long-term and sustainable growth. One of the brands that have set up top-quality manufacturing facilities is Crompton- one of India’s largest consumer companies that holds a legacy beyond 75 years. 

Started in the year 2016, Crompton Consumer Electricals is an independent company that manages 2 important business segments- electrical consumer durables and lighting. The products here are well marketed under the brand name Crompton and also have select export markets.

What Has Crompton Achieved So Far?

  • Brand Excellence

Being one of the oldest brands in the nation, Crompton Greaves offers you the highest quality, superior & reliable engineering capability & product design while inspiring a great level of trust. Not just that, Crompton has worked hard in the past couple of years to launch some breakthrough products such as LED bulbs that are anti-bacterial in nature & anti-dust fans as well.

  • Portfolio Brilliance 

At Crompton, we manage our product portfolio by consistently understanding our consumers much better. We also use consumer insights around various categories that are critical to growing & sustaining the product segments by simply adding the new ones. Crompton also offers a wide range of quality products like lights, fans, mixer grinder, ACs etc. which provide meaningful benefits for customers, deliver great performance, and are well designed with consumers. Our designs also ensure utility, function as well as a good portfolio that covers a whole range of product feature benefits like price points.

  • Market Value

With a whole range of SKUs and products driven with the help of a consumer-focused innovation, an important component of Crompton’s success is based on delivering the right products to consumers all across India. Crompton also provides you with a structured product distribution that will increase the indirect & direct reach across the country. The products are also available in all e-commerce marketplace with new-age formats, electronic stores, and departmental ones too.

  • Smooth Operations

Operational excellence is basically the holistic philosophy at Crompton. The goal is to provide the highest quality products, with drive efficiency along with standards that matter all across major activities which go into delivering products or services towards customers. The focus will be to drive execution excellence at a much higher level of efficiency and deliver improvement in all the business performance. We always harness powerful IT solutions, undertake cost rationalizations, lower down operating costs & reduce inventories that drive such pillars. Crompton also has a great list of awards for the excellent work it has done so far.

Unique Lighting System

Crompton offers you an excellent lighting system that lights up your personal space & makes your home look perfect. Its innovative products can easily connect with your home wifi and give you complete control over various aspects. Smart lights these days are also the newest trend & have grown in popularity. If you choose to buy Crompton’s services, you can also get hold of its latest features that include smart lights without any compromise on quality. The lowest price of Crompton’s LED bulbs starts at Rs.999.

Technologically Advanced Ceiling Fans

Crompton offers you high-speed ceiling fans that come with excellent carvings that give your apartment royal & nice furnish. Not just that, the fans offer control lights so that you can add some elegance to your home.

The best part about these ceiling fans is that they are super convenient to use. They come with an easy to use remote that you can simply use to point at your fan anytime & enjoy a nice cooling experience 

The fans are also highly energy-efficient fans that match your budget. Crompton also gives you the option to choose from a range of fans that are energy-efficient, high speed, decorative, and come at an affordable price. However, the prices can differ based on the kind of model you choose.

Bright Lamps

Crompton also offers you a wide range of LED lamps that make perfect options for daily usage. Such lamps come with a sturdy design that also makes things durable. Being a lighting solution for daily usage, Crompton’s lamps consume very little power & are also quite affordable. 

The lamps are also designed to provide convenience to all users. They can be installed within seconds and can increase the brightness of various spaces. The bulbs have excellent durability when compared with traditional bulbs. They are also energy efficient and provide a very cool lighting solution, hence they are the perfect fit for homes. Such lights also provide you with the best quality lumen. 

The lamps can light up your room while producing a temperature of 7500. The tubes are also designed with the best quality materials as well as powers so that you could have the best output. They also give you the best reading experience without affecting your eyes. 

Befitting Air Coolers

Air coolers from Crompton are different from what you would expect. If you need a cooler for your room or in your office, then the best thing to do would be to buy a personal air cooler. If cooking during summers is a bad experience for you, you can consider getting a tower cooler to soothe things out a bit. 

The window cooler from Crompton is also a great option. The air cooler units will save enough space for you. It is also a great option for bedrooms that are small in nature. The room’s size will also determine the colors you need.

Crompton also offers an amazing cooling experience. In order to experience optimal performance, a nice desert cooler is also useful. Do keep the windows open in order to get the most benefits from such air coolers.

Crompton has so far received various recognitions & has introduced many innovative & successful products that emphasize customer value & product quality. Crompton also has received the new product innovation award & has been recognized as one of the top leaders in the world of Indian LED bulbs.

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