What is the best energy class freezer?

Energy-efficient appliances are those that are entitled to less electricity consumption. Choosing an energy-efficient freezer is one of the best decisions and you’ll not only save on running costs, but it’s also better for the environment as well. This might be using environment friendly coolant so that it will contribute less to greenhouse gases.

This doesn’t imply that you might throw out your already functioning freezer yet it’s working well. Well it is good to replace it with an energy-efficient one if you can afford it or if its replacement is near. Highly efficient models of today might cost a little more upfront, but the savings made over time with its functioning should cover the extra expense.

The question here might arise in the minds of many of us that how is it possible to choose an energy-efficient freezer or how to understand the meaning of energy ratings. Nowadays, new fridges and freezers have an energy rating, starting from A; which is the most energy-efficient one, to G; the least energy-efficient. Each rating is depicted with its own colour. A is the darkest shade of green, while G is red.

Before March 2021, the freezers available in the market are with energy ratings like A++ and A+++. These ratings are the matter of bygone days. The new system, from A to G is a lot more accurate. Plus, it is simple to understand the difference between a B and a D, for example, than between an A+ and an A++. Because freezer ratings are now changed, it is now very difficult for a manufacturer to meet the criteria for an A, B, or C rating. There aren’t many freezers available in the market that have these high ratings.

A freezer with a C or D rating will fairly be good for energy consumption point of view if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient model. Most freezers available in the market are now rated E or F. There are only a couple of models or variants that have an A rating, but they’re available with a much higher price.

The next question that comes to anyone’s mind is that how energy ratings are calculated? The rating system considers how much energy that freezer uses as compared to how big the size of it is, and how much volume it has inside to store things for preservation. So, with this way, two different fridges of different sizes could still have the same energy rating.

Energy consumption

The freezers are tested for energy consumption by placing it in a room with a temperature of 25C to test for consumption. Before testing, the better way or standard way is to make it partially filled, just like it might be in real life in most of our houses, and the space inside it is calculated once all the drawers, shelves, trays, or water dispensers are in place. With this way, the volume might not be similar to what is claimed by the manufacturer, who might have measured it without all the drawers, shelves, etc. Then how much energy is consumes or how much it saves is what is considered for energy ratings.

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