The importance of Roofing Insulation Whatever the Climate

Research has consistently shown that up to 44% of the energy that the average household in South Africa uses, is through heating or cooling their home; a not insignificant amount we’re sure you’ll agree. However, by working with a reputable contractor such as the roof doctor Gauteng, homeowners can get their homes properly insulated and make significant reductions on their electricity consumption, whatever the climate.

If you want to save energy (and the environment) while saving on your heating and cooling bills, read on to discover how roofing insulation provided by the roof doctor Gauteng can help you achieve this, along with insulating other areas of your home, too:

How exactly does insulation work?

By counteracting the natural tendency of the air to shift from warm areas of the home towards those that are cooler, insulation helps prevent cold air from permeating your home through the ceilings or walls in the winter months, while keeping the heat out and the cool air in, during the warmer months. To simplify this, roofing insulation (and ceiling, walls and basement insulation), helps to keep the temperature of a home comfortable whatever the weather, meaning that homeowners don’t require excessive heating or huge amounts of air conditioning to alter the homes core temperature.

What are the two main types of insulation?

The two main types of insulation used in homes are bulk insulation and reflective foil, and some products use a combination of both bulk and reflective material to achieve their insulating effect.

Thermal resistance explained:

Measured by its R-value, insulating material achieves a higher rating the better it is at blocking heat, and the higher the R-value, the more energy and money you’re likely to save. When calculating the total R-value of your home, the type of insulation used will be taken into account, along with its density and thickness, and where (and how well) it is installed in your home.

What type of roofing insulation do you need?

For those living in a colder area, a higher R-value insulation will be required, and when it comes to your roof, the roof doctor Gauteng will guide you as to what type of roofing insulation is likely to be most effective for your particular home, and where it is situated.

You might be interested in having an energy audit carried out, in which a professional energy or insulating specialist will assess every inch of your home to determine ways in which you could make it more energy efficient.

So even in a warmer climate, roofing insulation is helpful?

Yes, definitely! While many people associate insulation with keeping a home warm, it can be equally as effective at not allowing the cool air from air conditioning units to escape during the warmer months, and of course, can save you money on heating and cooling energy bills.

If you would like to know more about insulating your home to keep it at a stable, economical and energy efficient temperature, get in touch with the roof doctor Gauteng and start lowering your energy bills, today!

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.


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