Read This to Make a Better Choice of Flooring

Selecting the right floor can be quite confusing as there are so many choices available on the market. So, let us try to look at all the available options briefly in this post so that you can decide the most appropriate one for your home or office.

To start with, you must discuss with few professionals of flooring and try to get their views. You can then visit a few flooring shops in your area and see what are the availability of different types of floors and what their costs are.

The following are the most commonly available flooring materials that you can find on the market that most of the flooring stores will offer. Let us see the pros and cons of all these flooring materials so that you can have a broad idea about the various materials.



  1. Water-resistant material
  2. Affordable cost


  1. If it ever gets damaged the remedy is only to replace the complete floor because it is laid in a single large sheet rather than slats like the other flooring materials
  2. Cannot be removed very easily



  1. Very easy to clean
  2. Water-resistant
  3. Extremely scratch-proof
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Easy to self-lay
  6. Available in many different designs
  7. Can easily be replaced if the surface gets damaged 
  8. Very easy to remove and replace by not damaging your existing flooring


  1. Not recommended for bathroom or kitchen where there are moistures
  2. Not very appropriate for apartments because it offers very little soundproofing for residents.



  1. Authentic wood
  2. Lasts for a whole lifetime if proper care and maintenance are done
  3. Ages naturally hence timbers can turn into more beautiful over time
  4. Offers the natural warm feeling of real timber and is also healthier to our human body.


  1. Very expensive flooring type
  2. Needs refinishing after every few years to remove scratches or marks
  3. Not suitable for wet areas
  4. The installation process is quite complicated that involves nailing to underfloor



  1. 100% water-proof 
  2. High durability, can withstand dents and scratches also in high traffic areas
  3. Can maintain quality and colour over time
  4. Quite affordable, and easy to install
  5. Minimal maintenance required


  1. Lacks authenticity of any real timber floors
  2. May feel less solidness underfoot as compared to thicker floorboards
  3. Lacks the natural feel that of timber flooring



  1. Real timber flooring appearance and feel
  2. More stability than solid timber floors
  3. Most suitable for apartments
  4. Much simpler to install as compared to any solid timber floors


  1. Maybe a bit expensive 
  2. There is a very thin layer of timber, hence difficult to sand and polish.
  3. The thin upper layer of timber may be susceptible to any wear and tear.



  1. Will not scratch like many other flooring materials
  2. Very cost-effective alternative as compared to solid timber
  3. Can also be used in damp climate
  4. Fast-growing material and renewable material 


  1. It is a much thinner material than solid wood and hence does not have enough thermal benefits offered by timber

When you consider your flooring supply the above details can be quite useful to you.

Jackson Lee

Ryder Jackson Lee: Ryder, a property manager, offers advice on managing rental properties, landlord tips, and insights on the rental market.


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