Factors worth considering to avoid mistakes while building Fencing in Guildford

Building fencing in Guildford promotes several reasons. It allows adding privacy, increasing property value, and provides extra security. Building a fence is almost like winning half the battle. There are plenty of reasons in creating a fence; it involves getting permits and beginning the project early. Yet, it is a must to get familiar with common mistakes to avoid them. Hence, consider the following:

Discuss with neighbors

Discuss the building of fence with neighbors along the installation. Make your plans and assure to build the fence without causing harm to neighbors or resulting in legal dispute. Do not assume shapes, use plot plan to identify property lines with wooden stakes. Run between stakes an in-between string and ensure it is taut. Adjust fencing in Guildford, if necessary to a level and it is better to get the fence build on your side a few inches as per the marked lines. Anyway keep your neighbors informed.

Select the fence height

Consider the height and check the local laws before constructing a fence in this area. The fence height may differ than that you envisioned originally. However, ensure to keep your privacy away from neighbors. It allows comprehending the fence privacy.

Include removable fence panel

It is a must to have something as a fence within or out of the yard. Easy access is helpful. Whether it is removing a tree using heavy equipment or a bulky firewood delivery, ideal is to have easy access. It requires planning ahead before deciding on building new fencing in Guildford. It is a must to create a removable panel and to install by screwing to adjacent posts the rails.

Keep the fence extra wide

Squeezing through a narrow entrance is very difficult. It is convenient to have extra wide fencing. It helps in accommodating bulky equipments. Keeping wide entrances helps in moving trash bins, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers. It allows to pass easily the equipment and to ensure the required clearance is done.

Acquire a permit

Fences are fixtures that are prominent and have visual impact on neighborhoods and properties. Acquiring a permit for the fencing in Guildford ensures you do not surpass any of the zoning laws. It is a must to regulate fence height. Apply for the fence permit at the planning office and local building. It is best to have the rules and regulations copy ready for the fence installation for the permit to be issued.

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