5 Maintenance Tips for A Fully Functioning Garage Door

The longer your garage door can continue performing its function successfully and safely, the better, and with these 5 simple maintenance tips, you can help ensure your garage door lasts as long as possible:

  1. Lubricate all moving parts

A quick and simple task, greasing the moving parts of your garage doors can help it continue working well for many years to come. If you need more guidance or would like a professional to do this for you, contact your local garage door specialist.

  1. Test your garage doors balance

Helping to keep your door functioning well for longer, a balance test will also ensure that the life of the opener is extended. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle and partially open the door manually. A correctly balanced door will remain in position, but if it moves up or down on one side, then the springs will need to be adjusted. Unless you’re an experienced garage door technician, don’t attempt to do this yourself; always seek help from a professional.

  1. Tighten up the hardware 

Hardware can easily become loose, especially when you consider that your garage door may be opened and closed several times a day. Check the hardware every so often and tighten any parts that have become loose, or schedule a visit from your local garage door specialist, who will carry out the checks and any subsequent work, safely and efficiently.

  1. Check your garage doors auto-reverse feature 

While this only needs to be done once or twice a year, it is an important practice to get in the habit of. To test your garage doors automatic reverse function, place a large item between the door and the ground and wait to se if the door begins reversing when it touches the object. If you have a more modern door opener with a photoelectric system, you can test it by waving your foot or a large item under the door as its being closed, and watch to see if it automatically reverses.

Should your door fail any of these tests, you’ll need to get your opener repaired as soon as possible. Garage doors are heavy items that can be dangerous when not performing properly, so seek help from a garage door expert if yours is at all faulty.

  1. Carry out a visual inspection

Regularly checking your garage door for damage caused by water or other weather conditions can help prevent a problem from becoming worse, and if you spot any peeling paint or chips, you can take advantage of a local garage door suppliers preventative maintenance service, which will help ensure that your door is protected from such damage in the future.

Garage door maintenance often gets overlooked, but preventative measures are the best way to prevent costly garage door repair or replacement door bills, further down the line.


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