Tips to keep you Dumpster clean


3 Yard Trash Dumpster

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, you might have heard this quote a lot of times in your childhood or even now from the mouth of the kids in your home reciting it as a part of their homework. The current situation of the world calls for its active implementation as a life principle for coming future. When it comes to Dumpster rental services, like Sarasota Dumpster Rentals, they help people a lot within their daily disposal of waste. However, the amount of waste remains ever increasing and there comes a situation where the dumpsters become a place for diseases and their careers to breed, before they are replaced. In such situations, people prefer to clean their dumpsters themselves to protect the help of their dear ones around. Here are the steps that are followed in dumpster cleaning.

Cleaning the Interiors

The first indication of a dirty dumpster is the stink. Odor develops as a result of fermentation of various biodegradable elements, their accumulation in the dirt and the lack of sunlight at the bottom. This arrangement creates heaven for bacteria to breed. This is why elimination of this accumulated grime from the dumpster’s interiors is the first step towards its cleaning.

Washing with Bleaching Solution

The next step that follows is cleaning the dumpster with solution of bleach and water, which is proven to be the best and cheaply available cleaning solution. This requires for the dumpster to be filled with water for a number of inches as per its size, adding of bleach powder, letting it soak for thirty minutes or an hour again as per size, rinsing thoroughly and drain.

Drying the Dumpster

The last step is letting the Dumpster dry in the open. It can be better if the cleaning is done on a sunny day as the presence of sunlight can kill most of the remaining germs using the UV rays.




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